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90-Year-Old Gets Relief!
Adjustment Changes Autistic Child’s Life!
13 Years Of Back Pain Improved!
Relief After 3 Visits
Pain Was 10 out of 10 - Now No Pain!
Nurse’s Back Pain Fixed in 5 Minutes
Able To Walk Again
Walking Without a Cane
86-Year-Old Gets Immediate Relief
3 Months of Numbness Gone!
Did Not Want Pills Anymore
Headaches Gone!
Extreme Low Back Pain
Suffered for 7 Years
Eliminates Low Back Pain
Numbness From Waist Down
Headaches for 4 Months
Visited 2 Hospitals Before Us
Relief After 1st Visit
Seeing us for Decades!
Relief After a Bad Fall
No Need for Surgery
Theresa – 78-Year-Old Patient
Cheryl – Patient Experiences
Tom Garrison’s Testimonial

“Had a terrible pinched Sciatic last summer. Probe and their wonderful doctors fixed me right up - it was honestly the worst pain I've ever been in - Thank you!” — Margie M.

“Ok this dude is amazing. I have been having hip/back/glute issues for years. I'm very athletic and I do a lot of sports so I need to feel better fast when this thing flairs up. I really did it this past time and found myself nearly unable to walk. My lower back, glute and hamstring were killing me! Probe chiropractic was close so I just went there not knowing anyting about them, desperate to do anything to help the situation! Well I walked in almost doubled over. I walked out standing up, nearly pain free! The dude xrayed me right away and found a small abnormality in my spine that was causing the issue. He treated me, adjusted me and I felt better instantly! I've been going back regularly and it is helping! They also showed me stretches and exercises to do to help alleviate my symptoms. On top of all of this, the peeps are really very helpful and nice in there. I truly thought I was going to have to sit out for a couple weeks and not do my sports, but he had me right back in business!

The receptionists and assistants are also very friendly and helpful. They will squeeze you in if you need an appointment on short notice. The chiropractor is a very friendly person to work with - he has a great sense of humor - and he's totally brilliant!” — Hype M.

“I can't say enough about Dr. Probe and his staff. I have been suffering for years, and after one visit I could walk without limping. THANK YOU” — Charlotte F.

“God bless the day i found you Doctor Probe. Car accidents are no joke. My bones settled in the wrong directions. Pain and was my constant friend. Until I found you. Your a God sent doctor, I'm blessed by you and the staff. I love you so much, Carol.” — Carol S.

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