What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a system of healing based on dis-ease and disorders that are caused by a misalignment of the bones, especially in the spine, that obstructs proper nerve functions. A chiropractor uses a variety of techniques, including spinal adjustment, in order to free you from pain and help you live a healthier lifestyle. Call Probe Chiropractic in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey, to book a free consultation or schedule a wellness seminar.

Could You Benefit From Chiropractic?

Chiropractic adjustment relieves stress from the nervous system of your body. When your body is stressed and becomes weak, you’re susceptible to all kinds of problems. One such problem is a subluxation, a tiny distortion that can affect the following parts of your body:

• Nerves
• Muscles
• Energy
• Brain Function
• Internal Organs
• Overall Health & Vitality
• Discs
• Tendons
• Ligaments
• Posture

How Do We Get Subluxations?

A subluxation is a bone out of alignment with the bones above and below it. This causes irritation to the nerves that run through your body and can produce a variety of symptoms. Without a chiropractic checkup, subluxations may never be found and corrected. Studies reveal that nearly everyone has subluxations; it is a “hidden epidemic.” For that reason, you and your family need to see a doctor of chiropractic—just as you need to get your eyes, teeth, and blood pressure checked.

If subluxations are not corrected, your body could start to break down and get into a state of dis-ease. Subluxation is sometimes painless, but you may notice their effects in other areas of your life and they may cause other health problems. Subluxations can be caused by sports injuries, auto accidents, and injuries on the job. They can lead to:

Chiropractor Working on Woman
• Neck Pain
• Lower Back Pain
• Numbness & Tingling
• Disc Problems
• Headaches
• Muscle Spasms
• Radiating Pain in Arms & Hands

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Your doctor of chiropractic is specially trained to analyze your body for subluxations. Using special chiropractic adjustment techniques, your chiropractor safely, gently, and painlessly corrects your subluxations, ridding your body of this dangerous condition.

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